Allies Against Cyberbullying

Step 1 - Your Mission

You are part of a student task-force that investigates cyberbullying incidents perpetrated across various social media platforms. Although you have experience using social media you need to be an expert on some of the research and facts about cyberbullying.

1. Read the following resources in your assigned topic as a group.

2. Record important facts that could be helpful for students to know if they are being cyberbullying or helping a friend with cyberbullying.

3. Create a Google Slide that presents your information to be shared with the class.

Helpful Facts about Cyberbullying

Period 3 - Ms. O'Neill's 8th grade presentation

Step 2 - Demonstrate your expertise

Have two people in your group respond to one of the scenarios using the information from your classes presentation on "Helpful Facts about Cyberbullying." The other two people will give your response feedback to check if your recommendations refer to the "Helpful Facts about Cyberbullying."

Cyberbullying Online

Instructions: Have your group choose ONE SCENARIO. READ the scenario as a group. Two people offer up the solutions, while the other two ensure that the solutions are backed up by the resources in the "Helpful Facts About Cyberbullying" presentation.